Let me introduce myself and if I may, some stuff about me. Well it wont take long, five minutes and a black coffee !

My name is Quentin Cornillon. Born in 1993, I grew up with the “Power Rangers”, “Pokemon”, “Dexter’s”, “Rugrats”, and last but not least “The Looney Tunes” to name a few.

I have always been fascinated by beautiful images, the way you can do anything you want with your pen and paper. That gave me the wish to create one.
I try lots of things before threw myself in 3D. Painting, Drawing, Salt dough. No, we will forget this one…
3D animated movie was those that interests me the most because I totally had no idea at this time of how to create 3D movie.

After completing a baccalaureate in Science I did a Bachelor Degree in 3D animation where I spend three years with the most awesome people ! To much laugh and too little sleep … (Graduate Short).

Then , I came to NICE where I started working with AAA game studios. They were just finish their kickstarter projet and they were looking after a character animator so they give me my chance and that is how I began my career in games.

Since my hiring, I received their feedback, news ideas of how a character might move or not and stay focused on making incredible animation that’ll makes our game better. They gives me a lot of opportunities to explore and develop different aspects of my talents to constantly improve my skill.

During my free time I try to spend as much time as possible in triathlon training, travel, explore new places, practice the drums and visit my friends or family because their are a steady source of motivation.

We have not enough time to do all the things that life can offert. My moto, Wake up earlier, be concerned about others people and carry on despite of the difficulties cause I believe that if you work hard you will achieved your dreams!

Maybe I should have tell you that I am deeply passionated by animation first right ?






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