Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem


During a year and 7 month I was the only animator for the Hack ‘n’ Slack AAA Game  “Wolcen : Lords of Mayhem

I join the team in October 2015 after my graduation. Since that time, I’ve learn a lot about game industry. I used to play video game, so taking part of one it something really enriching and fun.

My day begin with a coffee, a look to the animations doc sheet, the one in progress and the comming one. Then I start working between request from another teammate and retake on my animation. Fixing problem happen and Dev used to come asking me to try something or change stuff witch I did. So I organize my work to do my animation plan for the day in addition to fix what we want to improve.

All the animation are from Scratch, I plan them, record (with teammate or alone) and animate through to validation.

“In game” animation gif :

Add “hit” animation to the mobs was something really cool to do and it gave so much more to the game !


In addition to Animation, I have been working on Rigging, Skinning for Custom Rig (Spider, Orc, Dog …) that do not match with the SDK Biped. All from Scratch again 🙂

For that one for exemple, I add some extra bones to the Biped that rotate according to the spines… Etc.


Boom !



You want to play the alpha and at the same time help the studio ? We are on Steam!


Cheers !



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